Student comments

Your class has been a great one this semester. I really enjoyed it. I’ve had a lot of teachers and you are one of the few that I consider a good teacher to learn from.  (E.B., May 2006)

I just wanted to say thanks for letting me in your class this semester, and also thank you for helping me solve the trust fund problem. I am sure it was tough teaching for the very first time, but I thought you did a great job … I hope you keep in touch because I am very interested in the financial world and from all your experiences, you seem to have a good understanding of how it all works. (R.R., May 2006)

Currently I am in DC doing my internship for Ameriprise. I am studying for the Series 7 and right now I am going over puts and calls which is supposed to be one of the more difficult areas of the test. However I am breezing through the concepts because of my in depth understanding of the material provided by your [Investments] course. So thanks D Moore.  (S.S., June 2006)

Thanks for staying late and helping us solve those problems tonight. I wish all teachers would go the extra mile and and help their students like that. It was really appreciated.  (J.C., October 2008)

…I would like you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism and dedication as a professor. (I.B., December 2008)

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the class and that I appreciate everything.  (C.S., May 2009)

I just wanted to say that out of all the classes I took at the U of M, the three I’ve had with you the past two years have been the best. … I think your classes are very insightful, and your exams (though some people complain) are very fair tests of whether or not you understand the material. … You’re great at explaining concepts, and your personality makes coming to class enjoyable. I wish you the best with your career! (B.B., May 2009)

its been a great pleasure to take your class… I tried harder than I ever did in any other courses… great respect because you look like you get to where joy and work are indistinguishable. we all know there is very few people like that and hard to meet. many thanks. (S.S., December 2009)

Now that’s it all said and done, I have to say I learned a lot in the class. Actually made me buckle down and learn some finance. Thanks! (S.T., December 2009)

… the advice that I would give to any prospective student that really turned things around for me was what you told me when I stopped by the office. Don’t just do the homework, understand it. It really made a difference on the final exam not just memorizing questions and formulas, but understanding the reasoning and ideals behind them. (S.T., December 2009)

Your class was one of my favorite ones and I always liked the way you have teached your class and how you also conveyed knowledge beyond the theory. (O.P., February 2010)

“I really appreciate everything Dr. Moore! You’ve been a great professor and it’s been a pleasure being in your class.” – C.R., May 2010

“I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me… Best teacher I’ve ever had.” – W.T., May 2010

I like your `sense of humor’ …The way you make the whole class to smile often with your words. I enjoy a lot along with the subject. – R.K., October 2010

“I’d like to just thank you for your hard work in teaching us this semester. You are by far one of [my] favorite professors [at] the U of M.” -J.B., December 2010

“Thank you, Dr. Moore. I found some parts of your class to be quite challenging and I am certain that I am now much more knowledgable on finance than before.” -T.J., December 2010

“I enjoyed the challenge of your class this semester. I did learn valuable material that I know will be utilized in my career. The challenge was great and overcoming it was rewarding.” – A.Q.D., December 2010

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful learning experience I had in your class. This was my first course in Finance and it was indeed revealing and exciting from my perspective.” – S.G., December 2010

..again thank you for everything … I hope you have a great summer break and thank you again for your time and your teachings. (A.V., May 2012)

Dr Moore,

Hope your summer has gone well. I was a student of yours last semester for Corporate Finance. I enjoyed the class very much and wanted to thank you. I am currently applying for a position as a senior financial analyst at a large traditional bank and am in the third phase of the interview process.

The third stage is to do a case study assigned by the hiring manager. The case I was assigned reminded me a lot from your class and I thought I would share it with you. I figured you would share it with future students as one of those real life examples when you would use material. (D.H., August 2012)

Hello Professor,
I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to be one of your student this past semester at CSUS. I thought it’ll be nice to send you an email since you taught the class a lot. (N.N., January 2013)

I took your FIN101 class at CSUS back in Fall 2013 (I believe) and I am
preparing for an upcoming exam for an insurance designation that requires
some math best handled by a financial calculator. After I started my
career, I realized how much I use the material taught in your class, such
as use of liquidity and profitability ratios, as well as some NPV and FV
calculations. As a result, I periodically revert back to the workbook we
used during FIN101 for some review and brush-ups, which has proved to be a
huge help for me in the working world.

In closing, I’d like to thank you for your efforts in educating me during
our corporate finance class. My experience in your class has truly made in
difference in my professional life. I hope all is well with you.
(P.B., November 2015)

I wanted to thank you for making us learn how to use the HP12c. It has been a very useful tool…lastly, I wanted to thank you for setting a high bar for your students and not faltering when you get negative feedback. I really looked up to you in class and had extreme respect for the professionalism and knowledge you bring to the field. (P.M. January 2016)

Just wanted to say I got a 89% on your test & because of your teaching method I am able to focus on learning & not have to worry about my grade.

Two reasons why I got an 89%. I learned the material, & I was more like the 2001 Lakers than Allen Iverson’s 76ers (I Practiced).

I respect your teaching style & appreciate it.
(G.Y. February 2016)

Dr. Moore’s class (FIN 135) was my first exposure to high-level college curriculum. It’s one of the few courses I’ve taken that actually serves to develop students into successful professionals. The tradeoff, it’s not easy. The good news, Dr. Moore provides plenty of resources and avenues to success. If I were to offer any advice on how to approach the class it’s to study the material with the goal of understanding the concepts behind it. Be able to look at the idea from multiple angles and still understand it. From a practical standpoint, start the homework modules when the material is being covered in class. This way you’ll be able too ‘add a little color’ to the conversation while developing a deeper understanding of the material. All of this takes time so plan accordingly and don’t procrastinate. Also, take advantage of his office hours and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve seen Dr. Moore invest more time in students than any other professor during my time in academia.
(A.B. April 2019)

6 thoughts on “Student comments

  1. Your class last semester was challenging and it taught me a lot. The real world examples that you used in class helped show me how the lessons that I have learned in college relate to the “big picture” of the corporate world. You have always made time to help students outside of class, and I thank you for your true dedication to your duties.

  2. Dr. Moore,
    Thank you for recommending the HP12C Platinum financial calculator for your Finance 101 class. I purchased it with the intent of selling it back after the class was over. Instead I am keeping it. The aesthetic calculator is pleasant to use and hold. I found that I enjoy using the reverse Polish notation system. A very clear and helpful guide to using the HP12C is found on this site:

    Click to access hp12_guide.pdf

    Also, thank you for sharing your handy process for setting up PV, FV, etc. problems. The listing of i,n,pv, pmt, fv and inserting known values along with an open box for the sought answer is a clear method for properly assigning data and finding the correct value. It is a very helpful technique for conducting work in my current classes.
    Most of all, thank you for caring about what you do. That personal involvement makes the whole learning experience more valuable for the student.
    Sincerely, Joycine Avalos

  3. Dr. Moore. I must say that I think the most important purchase of my path down finance was the HP12C Platinum. It is so easy to use once you get to know the buttons and functions. I have used it in every class since and even in my personal finances. I know I will find great use in the HP that you recommended us to get.
    Also on a side note. I still reference your book in my classes and I will probably still reference it in my professional career. Thank you so much for helping to open my eyes to the world of finance and put me in a position to better my personal finances as well as my career!

    • Thank you for the feedback Mr. Bartlett. It is good to hear you are getting some ROI out of your HP12C purchase. May your continued walk down the path of understanding be fruitful.

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